The speech of Vivien Frederick during the presentation of AFRIKA COLLECTION

When I met Fili and I started working with her. I saw how powerful she was, how passionate and talented. What we would call here “an all in one” I mean who sits and creates these beautiful pieces of art. His eyes felt at home, so welcoming, so kind. I think his inspiration came not only from Africa, but also from his life experiences. The way in which she transmits each piece with sensation, emotion, a reflection of her soul and, above all, a sensual touch of elegance and love.

The motherland, we do not speak the same language, but it is our great continent. Different but at the same time similar. We are not African because we are born in Africa, but because Africa is born in us. It is not just a place, it is a feeling, it is a different way of understanding life. It is the heart of the world and only a few have been touched by it at the same time that we are all her. When you feel the dust of the earth, the smell of its rains you will feel seduced for life. You will not feel the same once you have seen the setting of the moon while listening to the sound of jackals barking. In Africa the sounds of mother nature are still very much present even in their cities. The constant noise produced by the crickets, the abundance of different bird species. Why not highlight the sound of a centropus (birds) and the already well-known morning sound of the roosters. The wind that accompanies the elephants when moving from one place to another in a herd.

When the sunrise sets your blood on fire, you will feel that you have been away too long. It’s time to let go and let your heart free. Free to be inspired, free to live for it. Beyond that distant horizon where your spirit yearns to be. The country does not matter, space does not matter, since it is inside you. While you touch the open sky, you feel the breeze of the ocean, you admire how after each storm comes the dawn and how not to highlight its famous sunsets (I would say the best in the world). Their spicy-laden meals, which we enjoy while the boys sketch their big smiles. I learned to love the crispy grass without forgetting the annoying voice of the hyena (ooooouiii, it kills me) The Maasai, the fearsome warriors that catch the prey or the cry of the wild eagle. You will always miss feeling surrounded by the wild life when you are in the city. And on the other hand, if you are located far from the city, you will be constantly wanting to reach it to live that different style of life, more similar to the western one. It’s the 21st century we need a balance. Thank you!

Exhibition of ICRE partners at ARTERIA (Monzón - Huesca).
Itziar Castro wears our author jewelry at the Premis Sant Jordi de Cinematografia 2019

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