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FILI PLAZA BARCELONA is a family enterprise consolidated as brand in jeweler market. All the jewels are created by Fili Plaza made in Barcelona. The collections are the fruit of her permanent study of the forms, the textures and the materials. They are a result of a handcrafted process that they offer each of them the own and only entity.

Fili Plaza’s sculptural baggage allows her to transmit in each of the jewels an endless number of sensations and emotions.

The art of Fili Plaza comes from her sensitivity as a woman, her continuous observation of the human being and her curiosity from the mystery of desires. It also derives from her amazing imagination from which lines, shapes, contours, poses and gestures arte born.

Her pieces are the obedient instrument of tenderness which is dictated by her hands. Her works are not to accompany us, but also to transmit a lot of emotions.

Fili Plaza has choseen the human body as the main themathic of her sculpture work. The body is treated as the main material that comunicates and incomunicates with others.

Torsos of men and women , imposing sculptures of two human beings longitudinally matches between pairs united between them ¿searching themselves? ¿protecting each other? or just searching for her lost soul mate.

Since 1988 has been travelling around with Individual and collective exhibition in Galleries of:  Spain , Holland , New York , Los Angeles, Paris , Brussels , Miami , Germany, Japan and Korea. Since 2003 she started as a jewelry designer working for the women beauty.

The team that makes possible the works

Fili Plaza
Emotion Sculptress
Founder, CEO and Contemporary Jewel designer.
Olga Lombarte
Marketing Manager
Creative designer and communication manager.