Why do you deserve to give yourself a unique piece?

Why do you deserve to give yourself a unique piece?

A jewel of an author says a lot about you

Appreciate creativity, exclusivity, value for what is made by hand, close to you and created by womenIt is foreverA unique jewel of author in silver and semiprecious stone,

is Durable and timeless for all the moments of your life Give an extra glamor to your looks. Since it is unique and exclusive, you will never find a jewel equal in any event.

It is super flattering. Be advised by our professionals to select the precious stone that makes you shine.

Every day

The unique pieces are not only for special days and big events, but each day can be the ideal complement for the work look. It will provide you with that differential click

And now, you have a special discount Until June 22, 2019 with the cash payment you have a 10% discount

Fili Plaza Barcelona Concept Gallery c/ Petritxol 17, BCN

Fili Plaza Barcelona Jewelry Gallery with Provença 225 BCN

Up to the day June 15 on our website you have a 15% discount, click HERE,


Unique Pieces created by Fili Plaza Barcelona
Interview with Fili Plaza on Radio Prague

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