Interview with Fili Plaza on Radio Prague

This June Fili Plaza was interviewed on Radio Prague Four Spanish companies from different sectors undertook a commercial mission to the Czech Republic to break into their market. For its part, the jewelry designer Fili Plaza sees the future of their jewelry in the Czech Republic quite promising. “I’m looking to leave Spain and have something around here again. They have put me some visits to jewelries. I have gone to the first and have been excited. What has been very pleasing is when I entered another jewelry store that has a network of six jewelries and they were also interested. ” The interest of Fili Plaza goes beyond business. In the Czech Republic he would like to leave a cultural footprint, he says. “What surprised me most is the sculpture. I am a sculptor and I see that in the street there are many works, not only of the old ones but also current ones. I hope to make a public sculpture. ”

Why do you deserve to give yourself a unique piece?
Fili Plaza Barcelona dresses with its author's jewels to Miss Grand Barcelona 2019 @morarandrada and Miss Grand Tarragona 2019 @laiabosquet with unique and collection pieces!

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