QUALITY VS QUANTITY? 22 February, 2016 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , , ,

In Slow Fashion, quality goes before quantity.
A current that has come to stay, a life style, a movement which aims at raising the consumer’s awareness on the economical, social and ecological importance.
Some influencers already exist, who are applying that philosophy, amongst them actors, models, athletes, business personalities and designers.
Comfort, durability, sustainability and respect are characteristics of the product.

On the contrary, with speculative globalization’s Fast Fashion, where transformed pieces in production phase are sold in few weeks, consumers are easily influenced into buying more than they need, due to the low prices.
Because of this consuming abuse, clothes price tags have a hidden price (environment, supply chain workers to pay).
The current Fast Fashion industry is using fundamental natural resources to produce, deteriorating the environment. It also uses a lot of fossil fuels to produce plastics and to run the whole distribution chain.

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