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Amalia & Julia posted:

Is design art? This is the typical question that allways ask us in class of Theory of Art and Design, always, never fails. Like his answer, no. A strong no that feels like a punch in the stomach. Architecture, fashion, jewelry, furniture design, etc., are not art because not only have to assess for its aesthetics but also for its functionality and purpose. But suddenly you walk through Barcelona and find wonderful shops as Fili Plaza that make you rethink everything you learned. Sculptural pices made one by one in Barcelona, unique, given off art everywhere. The designer Fili Plaza leaves latent her previous period as a sculptor, designs and make stunning pieces that by themselves can hold a look, and art is not something that completly steals our heart?
And here we’re at Laberint d’Horta, with white shirt, Fili Plaza and nothing else.