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lets see all the jewels that the actresses weared at the GOlden Globe. Tehy have been many, luxury and expensive!

but lets see the trend:

XL ring and lots of them!


back pendant o chockers


same bracelet in both arms!!!

Tracee Ellis Ross

double rings


transversal rings


After analysing this trends we have search into our creations to find the perfect jewel for each one, so you can wear it this winter!

XL ring and lots of them!


Double Bracelets! WE have selected the bracelets of Océano, Redes de emoción o Erosiones  collections


Anillos trasversales: tenemos varias creaciones pero las más destacables son de la colección TuaregSpirit o Océano

look en streetstyle fili plaza tuareg spirit

double rings: Naturaleza ring collection

anillo doble fili plaza barcelona

back pendant o chockers

piezas unicas tengo 40 y que 3    FOG04B-logo

what do you thing?

wear your jewels!