Fili Plaza reflects in her work the emotional world of Mediterranean culture, with its sensuality and luminosity. The nature of this universe provides her with the essential foundations to find the best shapes and textures that express human passions and emotions to the fullest.

This approach allows for a quick identification between her work and the feminine universe. And in turn, sensitive women identify with these jewelry pieces and wear them as an additional expression of their personality.


Fili Plaza Barcelona Concept Gallery (C/Petritxol 17, Bcn) received the honorable mention of the Rose d'Argent of Barcelona for her entrepreneurship on 21/03/2018. A well-deserved recognition for choosing the "Gótico" commercial area to open her Concept Gallery and for betting on an attractive and quality offering.


Every year, the Institute for Professional Excellence awards this label to the most remarkable Spanish institutions, companies, and professionals. Institutions, companies, and professionals capable of innovating and promoting good economic and social development, with a philosophy focused on Total Quality in all their actions, showing positive trends with a commitment to continuous improvement and always respecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), are potentially eligible for this distinction. The institutions, companies, and professionals who receive this award become models and references in their sector, both nationally and internationally, due to the media impact they enjoy. The Étoile d'Or allows the organizations holding this label to use, according to specific rules, the symbol of the "Étoile d'Or for Professional Merit" and the "Diploma of Excellence," as well as the different certifications or distinctions, in all their publications, communications, and media, demonstrating social recognition of their management.


On Friday, July 28, 2017, Fili Plaza was awarded the Étoile d'Or by the Institute for Professional Excellence. It has been an honor to receive this decoration for the work done and the work to be done. Thanks to the team that makes it possible, for their humanity, empathy, and teamwork, for their creativity and the desire to constantly improve.