Fili Plaza Barcelona Terms and Conditions

If you have a shop and are interested in selling our jewelry, you can contact us and we will provide you with information about the collections available in the market.

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What is your business like?

Multi-brand jewelry stores, art galleries, corners, or any other type of business, we can find a collaboration formula that fits both parties. Tell us more about your project, type of business, location, your typical customer, other firms with whom to share space, security aspects...

For Fili Plaza Barcelona, trusting in a good representation in each point of sale is essential, so we would like to study the space together with you and determine the best exhibition option.

By prior agreement, Fili Plaza Barcelona offers display elements, volume exhibitors, earring display, etc.

Orders and payment terms

Let us advise you on the best-selling items for your first order, those creations that stand alone, those that best represent us and will create turnover for your point of sale.

The first order will be a minimum of £500. The delivery time will be approximately 30 working days. Periodic replenishments of a lower amount can be made, with a delivery time of 30 working days.

Payment terms will always be as follows: 50% upon order confirmation, 50% before shipment. FPB will send packaging elements.


For repair management, it is necessary to contact us in advance at and inform us of the piece(s) to be sent. Shipping costs to our workshop are the responsibility of the customer, and return costs from our workshop to the customer are borne by Fili Plaza Barcelona.

Communication and commercial visits

We believe that communication is essential for success, so Fili Plaza Barcelona asks our customers for telecommunication communication via email.

When new collections are presented, we will provide the information exclusively to our customers at trade fairs or commercial visits, or by email, with a digital catalogue.

Commercial visits will be arranged by both parties.

Graphic Material & Social Media

From Fili Plaza Barcelona, after orders, we will provide you with photographs of the pieces purchased via email, as long as we have them available. We do not have absolutely all pieces photographed in quality.

The images we provide you with CANNOT be modified, cropped, filtered, or have the watermark removed.

In the case of REPOSTing photographs on our social media profiles, the format and existing filter must be respected, and if the image is tagged with companies or brands or the photographer, this information must also be published.

In the event that you take photographs in your point of sale of our products, we would appreciate if you tagged us in each publication, on any platform. We usually repost publications from our multi-brand point of sale as this allows us to inform our followers of new locations where they can buy our product. This generates informative flow and synergies.

To stay connected continuously, we would appreciate it if you followed us on social media profiles, and we will do the same for you. This way, we will be connected!

Product returns

Returns of pieces in general are not allowed, but we are willing to study particular cases. If we accept the return or exchange of an item, it will have the following conditions:

- The return amount will be deducted from the next order; we will not make cash refunds under any circumstances.
- For returns of pieces purchased in the last 12 months, there will be a penalty of 5% of their price.
- For returns of silver pieces purchased more than 12 months ago, there will be a penalty of 5% of the price of the silver jewelry, and 7.5% for combined mixed pieces.

Under no circumstances will we accept returns of pieces that have been personalized or differ from the collection model.

If we have not clarified all your doubts, please contact us at