8. Sol y Luna

Bronze ring in blue and green from "Sun and Moon" Collection


Bronze ring in blue and green from "Sun and moon" Collection.

Open and adjustable ring, from nº11 to nº21 (spanish size) Author jewelry made in Barcelona

Available in red-brown, black, green colour, or in silver

  • Verde Azul
  • Negro
  • Plata
  • Bronce Azul BA
  • Bronze Rojo BR
  • Bronze Verde Azul BVA
  • Bronze Rojo Marrón
  • Bronze Baño de Oro BO


Handmade in Barcelona


1-2 days delivery (only jewellery in stock)

Anillo en Bronce Azul de la colección Sol y Luna: "las dualidades que tiene la Naturaleza..."

Joya de autor realizada íntegramente en Barcelona. Made in Barcelona.

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