1. Calados

Bronze ring from "Calados" collection


Bronze ring from the "Calados" Collection Designer jewelery inspired by nature, "the wind and the sea between the rocks". This ring, a unique handmade jewel offers personality and style to combine with different styles.

Open and adjustable ring from nº13 to nº21 (Spanish tatum size)

Width of the ring; 1.2 cm

Available in Red Bronze FPA20BR

Available in Bronze Green and Blue FPA20BVA

Available in FPA20BV Green Bronze

Available in Silver FPA20P

If you want it in black or only blue, add the information in the comments.

  • Verde Azul
  • Plata
  • Bronze Rojo BR
  • Bronze Verde Azul BVA
  • Bronze Baño de Oro BO
  • Beige Verde BVB


Handmade in Barcelona


1-2 days delivery (only jewellery in stock)

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